How to order a track (6 simple steps)

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How to order a track (6 simple steps)

Hello world! team is here.

We have many questions from our customers about the process of ordering a track. We’re here to tell you that how simple is the process.

There is 6 simple steps for the whole project:

Ghost Producer

Step 1: Choosing references
You will choose some tracks as references and send the links via SoundCloud or YouTube, We will use this tracks for inspiring. It will help us to produce a music close to your taste and ideas. Remember we will never copy from references, Just for inspire! 🙂

Step 2: Prepayment
You will send %10 of amount as prepayment via PayPal or Banking, IT shows that you are a serious customer.

Step 3: Starting the track
Once we received all information from your side then we will start your track, How many days for finishing? Hmmm usually between 3 to 7 days. It depends on the style you ordered.

Step 4: First Preview / Your edits
Once we finished your track then we will send a preview of the music that we produced for you, If you didn’t like it you can ask changes till your satisfication.

Step 5: Checkout
Once you satisfied with the music then you can pay remaining %90 for finishing the full payment.

Step 6: Finalizing
Once the payment is done we will send your full package include Wave, FL Studio Source, MIDI and contract of rights. You will have full rights on the track and you can enjoy your very own track and release it with your name everywhere.

Simple as that! It’s not complicated 🙂 So don’t hesitate if you want to pump up your career! We have talented producers. You can listen to their sample works “here”

So contact us and order your own track NOW!

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