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Frequently asked questions about Ghost Producing

Here you can find most of questions regarding our service. If you can’t find your questions please contact us.

I’m a producer but my tracks are not good as other tracks, Can GP finish it for me? 2017-01-13T21:44:53+00:00

Yes for sure! We just need your MIDI files for producing your track with “World-Class” quality.

I don’t use FL Studio, Can I receive the project file as Logic, Ableton and etc. too? 2017-01-13T21:44:19+00:00

No, We only work with FL Studio. But we can prepare separated wave stems for using in your preferred DAWs.

What is the price of remixing? 2017-01-13T21:44:00+00:00

Price is the same as Original, We need MIDI files and Acapella (Vocals) if the original track isn’t instrumental.

Does anybody know about our collaboration? 2017-01-13T21:43:39+00:00

No, Never! We’ll completely forget what we did for clients, A real ghost!

Can I use other currencies like USD or AUD? 2017-01-13T21:43:14+00:00

Yes, After changing the price from euro to your currency using xe.com Contact us for more information.

Does GhostProducing.com helps customers to reach labels? 2017-01-13T21:42:35+00:00

Yes! We have some offers, Contact us for more information.

Does the customer have full rights on the track? 2017-01-13T21:42:46+00:00

Yes, you have %100 rights and royalties of the track, You can release it in any labels with your alias.

Which plugins do I need to use the FL Studio source file? 2017-01-13T21:41:33+00:00

FL Studio 11.1 or higher, ArtAcustic Reverb, Izotope Ozone, Sylenth1, Spire & Nexus.

Which methods are available for payments? 2017-01-13T21:41:17+00:00

Bank transfer & PayPal (Bank transfer costs will be less for clients.) Our PayPal system allows Debit and Credit cards too.

What if I didn’t like the track even after changes? 2017-01-13T21:40:57+00:00

In that case the pre-payment will be refunded after reducing related transfer costs and taxes.

Can I ask for edit/changes after listening the preview? 2017-01-13T21:40:38+00:00

Yes surely!

How does the payment work? 2017-01-13T21:39:49+00:00

%10 before starting as pre-payment. Remaining %90 after your final approval.

How many days will it take a track to be finalized? 2017-01-13T21:39:03+00:00

Usually between 6 to 12 days, as we start original tracks from scratch dedicated only to you.